Welcome to Amber Beauty Club

Clinic specialised in diagnosing and treating dermatological diseases, skin problems, cosmetics, rejuvenation, non-surgical facial reshaping and state-of-the-art laser procedures. Also, a place to pamper yourself with relaxing body and beauty treatments.

We guarantee a personalised treatment by our team of doctors and the prescription of individual procedures performed by a great variety of methods and the latest laser machines, not available anywhere else in Bulgaria.

Premium laser treatment

The clinic is equipped with the most modern laser
machines available in the world. Thanks to their
exceptional power and advanced technology,
we offer a rich variety of services to treat
skin problems, remove skin growths and cellulite,
tighten and rejuvenate skin, etc.

Our centrepiece are the laser procedures used to
remove any type of hair, no matter what
season it is and without subsequent restrictions to sun exposure.

Hair removal procedures are signature for the center as they as their application can be done regardless of the season or previous exposures to the sun.

What patients say about us