The world-famous luxury cosmetic brand 111SKIN chose Amber Beauty Club for its only representative in Bulgaria. 111SKIN is a favorite of a host of fashion designers, make-up artists, beauty editors, actors and supermodels like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel, Margot Robbie among others.


Due to its revolutionary spa concept of cosmetic face and body treatments, the brand is present in tens of luxurious spa resorts and hotels around the world like Sandy Lane in the Caribbean, Jumeirah in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Anantara in the Maldives, Four Seasons in Canada and the US, Bvlgari in England and many more. 111SKIN products are represented in the most prestigious departments stores in Europe, Asia and America like Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Mecca and Lane Crawford.

111SKIN is a revolutionary cosmetic brand, inspired by the clinical experience of the globally renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. He develops problem-solving formulas for the patients that visit his aesthetic clinic on the 111 Harley Street in London. The products are based on vast clinical research and experience.

It all started with a single product: a cream, used for skin reparation after cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. As the formula gained wide attention, the decision came to create a skincare brand.

All products come in a sustainable package and contain sustainable ingredients that exclude parabens, paraffin and sulphates.


The breakthrough in the world of beauty is due to the compound NAC Y2: trademark and DNA of the brand. The original formula is made up of three active substances, one of which stimulates the production of glutathione – the most powerful intracellular antioxidant in the body, responsible for tissue repair. NAC Y2 is crucial to skin trauma healing, epidermal strenthening and rejuvenation of the skin. The innovative extract is the key ingredient in 111SKIN Reparative Collection and embodies the core brand concept – innovative science that bring unsurpassed results.



The star in 111SKIN product line is a collection of biocellulose masks so popular, than you only need a few swipes in Instagram to discover top celebrities posing with them. Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Bella Hadid is excited by these biocellulose masks teeming with serums: from the reparative Y Theorum, based on the original NAC Y2 formula, to the coffein-containing Sub-Zero De-Puffing which recreates the energizing effects of a cryotherapy session. 111SKIN is the first cosmetic brand to introduce biocellulose masks. Recently it added the particularly impressive molecular hydrating masks. Their fibrils are 500 times thinner than regular tissue masks and trap humidity inside the skin while also enabling deeper penetration of the key ingredients to ensure visible results.



Inspired by the surgical procedures in Dr. Yannis Alexandrides clinic on 111 Harley St., these non-invasive therapies combine the powerful active ingredients in 111SKIN products with matching massage techniques to ensure visible results. Each procedure follows specific steps with definite purpose. The original massage techniques aim at relaxing the muscles and contouring the oval. The therapies range from strengthening the epidermal barrier to brightening the skin, increasing its radiance and uplifting tired and aging skin.



Regenerates, revitalizes and reinvigorates

This energizing therapy increases micro circulation in the skin, detoxicates, drains  and depuffs it. Powerful cocktail of peptides and vitamins that brightens the tone by increasing oxygen supply, making the skin look tighter and brighter and neutralizing the visible signs of fatigue and aging.

It is recommended for people who smoke or live in urban environment. It includes relaxing massage with cryo sticks that shapes and contours the visage. The treatment has effects similar to those of cryotherapy. It brightens the graying skin tone and visibly transforms it. Men like it too. The therapy is suitable for fatigued and stressed out skins with enlarged pores and lack of oxygen inflow



Repairs, soothes and heals.

Highly effective skincare formula for soothing and healing damaged, inflamed and irritated skin. Originally developed by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides to stimulate the self-healing properties of the skin after surgical or invasive machine treatments. Harnessing the power of the unique 111SKIN ingredient NAC Y2, it strenghtens the epidermal barrier and prevents further inflammation. The ritual includes a combination of ingredients from the Reparative Collection that counteracts skin conditions like dryness, dehydratation, sensitivity and rosacea. This therapy is a favorite among men who visit Dr. Alexandrides clinic on 111 Harley Street.


BLACK DIAMOND – 90 minutes

Lifts, retextures and tightens

Exceptionally luxurious experience with strong anti-age effect. Utilizing the most powerful 111SKIN Intensive Collection it ensures youthful, contoured and textured appearance. It includes several consecutive steps of accelerated exfoliation and infusion of formulae rich in antioxidants and diamond powder. Combining special massage techniques with metal head sticks to obtain maximum effect and immediate plumping and reducing of wrinkles. The skin is radiant and tight, textured and sculpted along the natural face contour.


ROSE QUARTZ – 60 minutes

Smooths, soothes and sculpts

Combining the powerful repairing properties of gold and Rosa Damascena extract with the most innovative formulae for skin tightening and sculpting of the face. It uses three-stage face massage that includes a special wrinkle-reducing technique as well as rose quartz stones session. The treatment relaxes and soothes the mind while relieving irritated and inflamed skin. It is recommended with pigmented and photodamaged skin to restore its freshness and radiance.


16+ (до 18 години с родителско съгласие)



Често задавани въпроси

Дерматологът определя мястото на поставяне на филъра, като се съобразява с анатомичните особености на пациента. Самата процедура продължава около 20-30 минути.

Филърът се разпределя разномерно в областта на скулите, а резултатът се вижда веднага.

Процедурата не изисква възстановителен период. Мястото на инжектиране може да се зачерви или да отече, но дискомфортът отминава бързо (в рамките на няколко часа до няколко дни).

Ефектът се вижда веднага, а продължителността му продължава около година.

Процедурата може да се повтори отново след пълното или частично разграждане на филъра.

  • При свръхчувствителност към различни видове филъри;
  • При нараняване на кожата в зоната на инжектиране.