Accent PrimeX is a new generation platform which simultaneously implements ultrasound and radiofrequency energy to achieve unprecedented results in body contouring and skin tightening. With the platform’s advanced technology, the energy pulses are evenly distributed across the targeted area for optimal and long-lasting results. PrimeX combines two types of energy, allowing for the simultaneous targeting of fat cells and stimulation of collagen production. The procedure does not require the creation of a central heating point on the skin and it works with parameters that are specifically tuned to the tissue characteristics within the treated area.
Three types of applicators have been developed for the platform, which can be combined or used individually, depending on the desired outcome of the procedure.

  • The UltraWave applicator: A combination of Alma’s most effective technologies. This ergonomic applicator achieves a visible reduction of body circumference through fast, 20-minute treatments, by heating skin tissue and targeting stubborn fat cells.
  • The UniBody applicator: With Alma’s patented UniPolar technology, this applicator delivers radiofrequency energy to the skin through a massaging ring attachment, thus improving blood circulation and allowing control over the depth of heating. Famous for its impeccable anti-cellulite effect, the UniBody applicator visibly tightens and smooths the skin surface.
  • The Xcentuate applicator: Owing to its Unipolar P4 technology, this applicator measures skin temperature in real time, therefore enabling the regulation of energy action across the targeted tissue. Ideal for treating large body areas, the Xcentuate applicator visibly tightens the skin and improves its texture.

Throughout the procedure, the applicators remain in continuous contact with the skin due to Accent PrimeX’s vacuum technology, which makes this treatment suitable for targeting various types of skin imperfections, including scars, pigmentation and stretch marks.


  • Combined breakdown of fat cells
  • Visible tightening of skin tissue
  • Body contouring
  • Reduction in body circumference
  • Scar treatment
  • Skin pigmentation removal
  • Double chin removal
  • Stretch marks removal



Face and neck


Machine-assisted procedure

Recovery period

There is no recovery period

Required number of procedures


Benefits and advantages

  • Safe for all skin types (I-VI)
  • Combined action for unparalleled results

Frequently asked questions

Throughout the procedures, ultrasound and radiofrequency energy work synergistically in the selective targeting of fat cells and the effective removal of skin imperfections. The treatment is non-invasive, which allows for the achievement of unparalleled results in body contouring without any compromise in client comfort.

Depends mostly on the desired result. If your main goal is body circumference reduction, you can opt out for the PrimeX Classic treatment, featuring the UltraWave applicator. For an added firming effect on the skin, we recommend the PrimeX Pro treatment which uses a combination of the UltraWave and Xcentuate applicators. And for those looking to reduce fat cells in larger body areas and the appearance of cellulite, we offer the PrimeX Premium treatment, which combines the UltraWave and UniBody applicators.

The effects of the procedure are noticeable after the first two treatments and will continue to develop over the span of 3 months following your final treatment.

For optimal results, the recommended number of treatments is 4-6, with an interval of 1-2 weeks between each visit.