Aesthetic & Beauty

The rhythm of city life always tests the balance between your available time and the care for your face and body. Amber Beauty Club offers an individual package of consultations, services and treatments that will help you find the right combination for you depending on your skin condition and preferences.

A team of experienced specialists and the most modern equipment for dermatology and aesthetic face and body care will help you find and take advantage of procedures and treatments with proven effects.

Amber Club has a team of renowned dermatologists for special consultations. They will recommend you the most appropriate treatment depending on your specific problems, as well as aesthetic procedures to improve your flawless appearance. The club has three modernly equipped cosmetic cubicles where, in addition to treatments conducted using premium cosmetics by world famous brands, such as 111SKIN, exclusive procedures are performed using modern and effective machines that are safe for you and your health. Each procedure is accompanied by a presentation of the treatment’s potential and nature to ensure you have all the information you need and create a sense of trust and comfort in the ultramodern machine-assisted procedures.

Amber Beauty Club offers a rich variety of therapeutic, relaxing, anti-cellulite and sports massages given by three highly experienced and professional kinesiotherapists, including in-house methods that will de-stress and energise you.

Our aim is to offer a suite of services that give you self-confidence, comfort and harmony. Our specialists in eyelash extension and thickening, permanent make-up, and manicure and pedicure will therefore carefully create a finishing memorable effect.

The Amber Beauty Club trademark is a sense of privacy and cosiness elicited by its interior design and overall atmosphere. The 4-floor listed building has been renovated and modernised to complement this sensation.

Amber Club – Aesthetic & Beauty is located at 117 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd and has a private car park and two entrances, one of which is for customers who want complete privacy.


The Amber Club – Aesthetic & Beauty event calendar features a series of events and forums about our latest products and services, how to lead a balanced way of life, charity and lifestyle.

For your convenience and to ensure the thematic events are professionally presented, the club offers the services of a PR-expert, who organises and conducts each event through all of their own and their partners’ communication channels.

117 Evlogi Georgiev St Sofia

Amber Club – Aesthetic & Beauty is Sofia’s newest glamorous spot. Located right in the heart of the city, the club extends over an area of more than 800 m2 in a listed building that has been renovated and modernised. The Amber Club – Aesthetic & Beauty will present its concept titled “Beauty in sync with the pulse of time” in March 2019.

Only quality, no compromise

4 floors - specialised studios