Biologique Recherche premium professional cosmetics is a proven partner in the care for healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. With more than 40 years of history and a complete triumph in the industry, its products are formulated to contain a high concentration of active ingredients derived from natural or biotechnological compounds and no added scents. Cosmetic procedures are always preceded by a diagnostic assessment of your skin (suitable for both men and women) made through an examination of SKIN CONDITION, which is unique for every customer.

Biologique Recherchе has the power to deal with any challenge and offer appropriate strategies to achieve healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.

Facial treatments

Every Biologique Recherche treatment can be upgraded with an extra module for even more remarkable results:

• Biologique Recherche Cofactors Module

For even more visible results, the application of a pre-impregnated mask adapted to the shape of your face can be added to every treatment as a special, intensive conditioning.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Second Skin Programme

Soin Seconde Peau is a regenerating, smoothing and lifting procedure, otherwise known as Second Skin. This treatment uses a revolutionary 3D nanofiber mask containing 80% hyaluronic acid – a real alternative to injectable procedures. Combining it with a regenerating, smoothing and lifting serum allows immediate elimination of the signs of ageing.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended course: 3 treatments for 1 month

Brightening and hydrating treatments

• Booster VIP O2 – 2019 INNOVATION

Thanks to its innovative popping texture and unique formula, Booster VIP O2 is a revolution in professional treatments. As all products of the VIP O2 series, its main formulation is composed of a proprietary Biologique Recherche oxygen complex and an anti-dirt platform. Its active ingredients allow the cells to breathe better, enabling them to produce more energy and proteins of a higher quality. This micro-massage treatment, combined with Chlorella sorokiniana micro-seaweed, stimulates the epidermis and re-oxygenates skin tissues. The popping sound that can be felt as the product is applied results from the interaction between your skin and the active ingredients, which deliver exceptional results. The skin is completely detoxified and re-oxygenated, ending up dirt-free and more radiant. Booster VIP O2 revitalises the skin and brightens the complexion of your face.
Duration with a PIGM 400 mask: 90 minutes.
Duration without a PIGM 400 mask: 60 minutes.

• VIP O2 Oxygenating Treatment

This balancing procedure saturates the epidermis with oxygen and relaxes the facial features, giving your skin a healthy glow.
Duration: 45 minutes

• Re-hydrating treatment with many options depending on skin condition

Innovative treatment intended for dehydrated skin. Intensively hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis, fills the skin’s water cushion, improves skin elasticity, effectively smooths wrinkles and fine lines.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Soin Biosensible – procedure for sensitive skin

Procedure restoring particularly sensitive, stressed and dehydrated skin. Soothes and protects your skin. Exclusive treatment that can be applied immediately after medical aesthetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing, IPL, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, etc., for fast soothing and recovery of the skin.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Soin Regenerant Vernix – regenerating Vernix procedure

Rejuvenating, regenerating and restorative procedure that gives damaged skin a true rebirth.
Duration: 60 minutes

Tightening anti-ageing treatments

• Lift C.V.S. – restructuring facial complex

Еxfoliating and lifting procedure that combines special renewing and reshaping techniques. Sculpts the contour and tightens the oval shape of the face.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Soin Restructurant et Lissant – smoothing and restructuring skin care

Procedure that immediately restores and lifts the skin – for fine, sensitive and reactive skin or skin conditions caused by signs of ageing. Results in hydrated, smooth and refreshed skin.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Soin MC110 Restructurant – ICJ110 reshaping procedure

Filling procedure for skin without tone, as well as normal, devitalised and wrinkly skin. The epidermis’ uneven micro-profile is evened out and the face is reshaped. The skin looks smoother, cleaner and younger.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Revitalising and restorative treatment with many options depending on skin condition

This treatment is intended for devitalised, ashen skin. Energises and stimulates the skin, smooths wrinkles, helps prevent the appearance of liver spots..
Duration: 60 minutes.

• Hydreclat – hydrating treatment for a radiant complexion

Hydrating and tightening procedure that improves the complexion and refreshes the skin, making it glow.
Duration: 45 minutes

• Biologique Feerie – treatment for immediate restoration

Intensive treatment recommended especially for skin restoration after aesthetic dermatological procedures. Tightens, refreshes and renews skin, smooths wrinkles and highlights the facial contour. Perfect treatment for thick skin without tone and/or with wide pores.
Duration: 60 minutes.

• Soin Integral Face Lift C.V.S + Hydreclat – lifting and revitalising procedure

The most comprehensive Biologique Recherche facial – great treat for the skin. Smooths and evens out skin texture, simultaneously lifting and revitalising the epidermis. This treatment is ideal for mature and dehydrated skin.
Duration with Remodeling Face® machine: 150 minutes.
Duration without Remodeling Face® machine: 120 minutes.

Rebalancing and targeted treatments

• Soin Taches Pigmentaires – course aimed at reducing and preventing liver spots

Procedure that evens out the complexion to prevent and reduce dark spots. Brightens your complexion and makes your skin glow. The protocol of this course of treatments is drawn up according to skin condition.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended course: 3 treatments for 1 month.

• Treatment for the delicate area around the eyes

Intensive procedure that reduces fine lines and prevents the appearance of deeper wrinkles, while leaving the delicate area around the eyes fresh and restored.
Duration: 30 minutes

• Patch Defatigants treatment for tired eyes

Innovative solution that reduces and prevents the signs of fatigue and ageing around the eyes. Bags are reduced immediately, the skin becomes smooth, wrinkles and lines caused by dehydration are less visible. Wonderful treatment for a fresh look.
Duration: 45 minutes.

• Skin preparation and restoration before and after active sun exposure

This treatment is applied according to a specific protocol depending on sun exposure To allow the skin to withstand the stress of harmful UV rays, it must receive appropriate care for at least a month before the active summer season or an exotic vacation.
Duration: 45 minutes.

• Skin preparation and restoration before and after aesthetic dermatological procedures

Skin stressed during invasive medical and aesthetic procedures requires an adjustment in care methods and compliance with a strict behavioural approach. Pre- and post-operative programme created on the basis of medical advice. Depending on the type of procedure, the preparatory period may be longer or shorter. The more invasive the treatment, the longer the preparation.
The length of treatment depends on the aesthetic procedure.

• Soin Taches Pigmentaires – course aimed at reducing and preventing liver spots

Procedure that evens out the complexion to prevent and reduce dark spots. Brightens your complexion and makes your skin glow. The protocol of this course of treatments is drawn up according to skin condition.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended course: 3 treatments for 1 month.

Body procedures developed according to individual skin condition

Additional modules that can be combined with your procedure:

Procedure preparing body skin

Gommage P50 New Skin – exfoliating procedure

This treatment includes a body peel and hydrating massage that restores the epidermal layer’s health and beauty, leaving your skin effectively protected from the elements (sun, wind, cold). It is recommended to perform this procedure before other body treatments. Have it done once a month to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Highly effective body procedures

• Lift Corps Treatments – lifting procedure with Matriciel tightening serum

Hydrating and dermoprotective, bioreflexive massage – ideal after a weight reduction programme requiring tissue tightening and rejuvenation, dead cell removal and body sculpting.
Duration: 90 minutes.

• Soin Detoxifiant aux Algues – slimming and detox procedure with algae

Exclusive procedure restoring and harmonising the silhouette – for rejuvenated, smoother and tighter skin. The combination of energising massage and thermal algae mask stimulates and detoxifies your skin.
Duration: 60 minutes

• Cure Minceur au Gant – slimming procedure with essential oils

Slimming procedure combined with the advantages of aroma therapy. Effectively stimulates micro-circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins and retained liquids.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended treatment cycle: 6 treatments for 2 months.

• Cure Anti-C & Booster Minceur – anti-cellulite procedure with active fat burning

Procedure that improves skin tightness and activates microcirculation. The treatment’s effectiveness is amplified using a slimming booster.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recommended treatment cycle: 6 treatments for 2 months.

• Treatment reducing thigh circumference and leg swelling

This leg treatment is available in several options chosen depending on skin condition. The massaging techniques used in this treatment include reflexology, drainage and stimulation. Strengthens the epidermis, helps improve blood circulation, eliminates the sensation of heavy legs. Gives a feeling of freshness and lightness thanks to the effect of alternating hot and cold.
Duration: 60 minutes.

• Soin Reharmonisation du Corps – reharmonising body care

Procedure that helps relax and release muscle tension Perfectly restores the harmony between body and mind, filling you with new vital energy and self-confidence.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Targeted body procedures

• Soin Renovateur des Mains presentant des taches pigmentaires – restorative procedure for liver-spotted hands

Procedure t that lightens liver spots and evens out the complexion of your hands.
*Can be combined with nail varnishing.
Duration: 30 minutes.

• Soin Renovateur des Pieds – restorative procedure for legs

Combining exfoliation, the application of a hydrating mask and a Biologique Recherche shaping massage, this fully restorative procedure relaxes, rejuvenates and beautifies your legs.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Hair procedures

• Soin Oxygenant-Fortifiant – oxygenating and fortifying procedure

Procedure that fortifies and saturates your hair with oxygen. Gives volume to your hair, making it soft, shiny and easy to brush. For optimal results, we recommend a 5-session course of mesotherapy with a Micro-Puncture Lab machine.
Duration with Micro-Puncture Lab: 90 minutes.
Duration without Micro-Puncture Lab: 60 minutes.

• Soin Sebo-Regulateur – sebum regulating procedure

Procedure that gently cleanses and purifies your hair. Reduces sebum levels and re-balances the scalp. Reduces and regulates sebum production, leaving your hair looking healthy and strong.
Duration: 60 minutes.


30 minutes


16+ (with parental consent for under 18s)




  • Machine-assisted procedure

Required number of procedures

  • 3 at 5-7 day intervals

Recovery period

The results are visible immediately.

Frequently asked questions

How is the procedure performed?

Ultrasound energy is selectively aimed at fatty cells, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected, which ensures the best possible effect is achieved.

What happens to the skin during the procedure?

Ultrasonic waves penetrate into subcutaneous adipose tissue, causing vibrations that tear apart the fatty cells, the contents of which are naturally excreted from the body.

What do we need to know about the recovery period?

It is advisable to increase water intake to facilitate the removal of broken down fats from the body.

When does the effect occur and how long does it last?

The effect is visible after the first procedure and gradually intensifies over time.

What is the recommended frequency of the procedures?

We recommend 4-8 procedures at 2-week intervals.

In what cases is the procedure not advisable?

• Injuries and open wounds on the skin.
• Skin infections.
• Oncological diseases.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Frequently asked questions:

The dermatologist determines where the filler should be inserted, taking into account the patient’s anatomical features. The procedure lasts around 20-30 minutes.

The filler is spread evenly in the cheekbone area, with the results visible immediately.

No recovery period is required for this procedure. Redness or swelling may appear at the injection site, but the discomfort passes quickly (a few hours to a few days).

The effect is visible immediately and lasts around a year.

The procedure can be repeated again after the filler’s full or partial degradation.

  • Hypersensitivity to various types of fillers;
  • Skin injury at the injection site.