Team of doctors

Dr Yanita Mihaylova


Dermatology and venereology


22 years

“I find beauty in unconventional and imperfect appearance because it is unique. But, to me, beauty is, above all, a feeling of self. . .”

Education and specialisations

Dr Yanita Mihailova built the foundations of her education as a doctor at the Medical University of Varna, where skin and venereal diseases sparked her interest. Later, she continued to expand her knowledge, focusing entirely on aesthetic dermatology. Numerous professional qualifications in this field. Annually takes part in dermatological and aesthetic conventions in Bulgaria and abroad. Specialised in facial sculpting by injectable procedures, dermascopy and laser procedures.


  • Muscle relaxant injection
  • Hyaluronic filler insertion
  • Biostimulatory filler insertion
  • Mesotherapy