We believe that everyone should feel good about their look and we strive to take care of and help you achieve a perfect appearance! Part of this process is hairdressing. In addition to aesthetic and skin care procedures, Amber Beauty Club also offers a variety of high-quality hairdressing services for our clients.

The beautiful and perfect hairstyle is like the icing on the cake when it comes to irresistible looks and we are here to help you achieve it. Our approach combines professional service from an experienced expert, great customer care, and the use of high-quality products. Over the years, we have proven that we can successfully take care of and handle every aspect of your appearance. And help you in being irresistible from head to toe. We believe that you should feel special! That is why we work with some of the world’s best cosmetics brands: Kevin Murphy, Alterna, Maroccan Oil. Quality hairdressing services are linked to the usage of quality products.

Here are the hairdressing services we offer:

Haircut, men – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 25 BGN
Haircut, women – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 30 BGN
Blow dry, short hair – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 30 BGN
Blow dry, medium hair – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 35 BGN
Blow dry, medium hair – assistant hairdresser 30 BGN
Blow dry, long hair – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 35 BGN
Haircut and blow dry – hairdresser 65 BGN
Haircut and blow dry – assistant hairdresser 45 BGN
Dry and tong – hairdresser 55 BGN
Dry and tong – assistant hairdresser 45 BGN
Curling with iron – hairstylist 55 BGN
Curling with iron – assistant hairdresser 40 BGN
Haircut, children – hairdresser/assistant hairdresser 25 BGN
Balmain Dye 1 pc. 80 BGN
Highlights/locks 100 BGN to 300 BGN
Formal hairstyle 80 BGN to 165 BGN
Extension placement 800 BGN to 3000 BGN
Baleage 180 BGN
Keratin therapy Brazillian Blowout 320 BGN
Split & Bonder therapy for split hair 190 BGN

We take pride in giving our best to the customers who trust us. You can rely on us for everything – from formal hairstyles to specific hair therapy. We will welcome you with a smile and the attention you deserve!

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