Would you like to get rid of markings, scars and wrinkles on your face?

The key is “the CO2 fractional laser” – laser therapies, which rejuvenate the skin, return its healthy, fresh appearance and eliminate damaged tissue and unwanted skin formations.

Recognised as the “golden standard” in contemporary dermatological practice and not by chance, the ablative fractional resurfacing with a CO2 laser is distinguished by the strongest, clinically pronounced, renewing effect. If your skin needs not only refreshing but also fast rejuvenation, you can count on these laser procedures with precisely this type of machine.

The CO2 laser offers full control and great precision over the irradiation of the treated area. Through light impulses, which penetrate the skin at different depths, it “straightens” the layers of damaged skin cells. This is how a synthesis of new collagen tissue is stimulated and cells of the epidermis regenerated. As a result of these processes, the skin becomes tighter and denser.

Another highly effective and popular application of the CO2 laser is the removal of various types of scars (surgical, burn marks, as a result of trauma, from acne, etc.) and formations such as fibroids, papilloma, pyogenic granuloma, condylomas, warts, corns, etc.




Face and Cleavage


Machine-assisted procedure

Recovery period

1-2 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Before starting the CO2 laser therapy, the area, which will be worked on, is cleaned thoroughly and a local anesthetic cream is applied to it to avoid discomfort. During the procedure, it is possible that you might feel a light burning sensation, which will depend on the size of the area or the scars, which are being treated, as well as the depth of the laser beams’ penetration.

The laser specialist or the doctor who you’ve chosen to perform the CO2 laser procedure will, during the initial consultation, suggest specific recommendations for the preparations, depending on the type and condition of the skin as well as the type and nature of the problem that will be treated.

The general recommendations for these types of laser procedures include: limiting direct exposure to the sun or using a solarium 30 days prior to the treatment. For skin tones of a darker hue or the appearance of pigmentations, it is possible that a course with a whitening cream (or therapy) is suggested for use for a period of 1-2 weeks before the treatment. It is compulsory that these and other recommendations are made by your dermatologist.

At the foundation of CO2 laser treatments is the so-called ‘vaporisation” or the evaporation of tissue. With the help of the machine, in different micro-zones of the skin, energy of the microcolumns of the laser beam are inserted at different depths. In the places it reaches, the cells of the damaged epidermis (for example zones with wrinkles, pigmentations and others) are destroyed and removed through direct evaporation. This effect, which is invisible to the naked eye, is achieved through infrared beams with a wave depth of 10 600 nm, which are absorbed from the inside as well as the exterior cellular water, which is present in the tissue, and this is how they evaporate.

The treated zone immediately experiences a process of skin regeneration because between the microcolumns of the laser beam remain healthy cells, which are activated and which begin to multiply. This is how new, vibrant skin is formed without aesthetic imperfections.

The recovery period is around 1 week to 10 days and directly depends on the treated area, the problem at hand and the depth of the treatment. Immediately after the procedure, the treated skin will be red in appearance. It is possible that you might experience minimal swelling or a brownish scab on the surface. It is recommended that exposing the skin to water is avoided for 24 hours.

Our specialists at Amber Beauty Club will provide you with detailed instructions and will, at their discretion, prescribe antibiotic or other restorative creams. It is further recommended that you use sun protection products with an SPF 50+ in the time span of a few months after the treatment, while you avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible.

The initial results can be seen around 15 days after the procedure, and they unfold even more over the next 3 to 6 months. The appearance of the skin gradually and progressively starts improving due to the continuous synthesis of new collagen. The treated area will be smoother and tighter while your tan will be even and refreshed.

The duration of the CO2 laser treatments is determined by the nature of the problem being treated, the size of the affected area and the specifics of the type of skin. Therapies are carried out over an interval of 4 weeks, although depending on the recommendations of the specialist, this period could be extended. For long-lasting results, the typical number of procedures ranges from 3 – 5.

A solid effect and a sustainable result over time is achieved from a combination of a lower number of CO2 laser treatments with other procedures such as mesotherapy and the application of mesofillers for the additional revitalisation of the skin.

Winter is the perfect season for CO2 laser treatments. The colder months with limited hours of sunlight and weaker sun rays are well suited for the recovery period following the procedures.

  • When taking certain antibiotics
  • During the appearance and presence of open wounds on the skin at the treated area
  • During skin infections and skin rashes in the treated area
  • The presence of an apparent tan
  • Chronic skin and autoimmune skin ailments
  • Active therapy with Rolcotan
  • Other chronic illnesses such as diabetes