An impeccable appearance is a combination of an elegant manicure and pedicure, as much for the ladies as for gentlemen. Beautiful and well-maintained nails are like the cherry on top of the cake. They bring self-confidence to every individual who sets aside time to look after themselves.

Manicures for women and men at Amber Beauty Club

Taking care of your hands and nails can add that extra special detail, with which you can present your uniqueness and irresistibility. Often, they are the very first impression which you make – with handshakes, physical brushes with another person or even during routine daily moments such as having a cup of coffee or signing documents.

A woman’s beautiful hands are her business card that indicates the type of care she takes of herself.

We would like to add that nowadays this also applies to those gentlemen, who care about their external appearance. At Amber Beauty Club, you will receive high-quality services for professional manicures and pedicures that will ensure the impeccable care of your nails and hands. And these services are a continued reflection of our philosophy – to offer the absolute best without compromises in quality and also, to provide a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

We guarantee incredible results, irrespective of whether you would like a more classical manicure, a decoration or another procedure which will set you apart. In our work, we use the very best gel nail polish of the Canadian brand Luxio. It is well-known among those who appreciate a quality manicure and pedicure due to its longevity and overall broad coverage.

Pedicures for women and men at Amber Beauty Club

Taking care of our feet and toenails is an integral part of every individual’s routine and is something that you should pay attention to. Apart from an aesthetic perspective, there are also many health benefits of regular and quality maintenance of one’s pedicure. These include better blood circulation in the lower part of the legs.

A pedicure involves several procedures that restore the beautiful and fresh appearance of the skin in the foot region. It includes the removal of layers of dead or dry skin cells, the application of special products, which soften the skin, as well as the cleansing and processing of the toenails to reach the desired, and importantly, healthy appearance.

And here are the manicure and pedicure procedures that you will find at Amber Beauty Club:

Standard manicure 35 BGN
Manicure with LUXIO gel varnish 60 BGN
Varnish change 35 BGN
Varnish removal 15 BGN
SPA manicure 70 BGN
Standard pedicure 55 BGN
Pedicure with LUXIO gel varnish 70 BGN
Varnish change – pedicure 30 BGN
SPA pedicure 80 BGN
Male manicure 20 BGN
Male pedicure 60 BGN
Male pedicure 60 BGN
French manicure 70 BGN
French pedicure 75 BGN

It is an honour for us to be able to offer first-class services for manicures and pedicures as part of your beauty routine.

Take care of yourself!

Start with a beautiful manicure and pedicure!