Amber Beauty Club – A SEASON WITHOUT SPOTS is a cause behind which we stand with full confidence as we offer the best and most effective solutions to battle any skin spot conditions caused by the scorching sun or hormonal imbalances. Until November 30th, you will have the opportunity to discuss the entire arsenal of treatments and therapies that erase unpleasant spots with our top dermatologist completely for free. How and when? Make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our dermatologists – every Wednesday after 13:00 h.

Tools and treatments at your disposal: lasers, mesotherapy, chemical peel, whitening agents, microneedling, plasmolifting and the proven and most active pigmentation control method – RF Pixel – Alma Laser with Fractional Plasma. RF Pixel offers complete skin renewal with the most advanced skin resurfacing technology on the market. Consult a specialist from Amber Beauty Club to design an individual program of treatments depending on the skin condition.

RF Pixel

The code of beauty

Operation “New Skin” with RF Pixel is one of our top and new treatments. Choose this ablative radio lifting which smooths wrinkles, stimulates the collagen production, renews the skin and removes any unwanted spots. RF Microplasma is an innovative solution for reducing scars and stretch marks with visible results. Restore your perfect and healthy skin today!


1 scar 200 BGN
Stretch mark area 20 x 20 cm 400 BGN
Facial area 400 BGN
Entire face 600 BGN
Face and neck 800 BGN

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