The body needs special care and touch through all seasons. And although it is not on display in the winter, it shouldn’t be deprive of care.

Immerse yourself in the pampering body rituals with a guaranteed tightening effect for an even sexier silhouette. Indulge in a two-day “Touch Your Body” therapy.

And what about surprising your loved-one with a voucher for a beauty experience?

Each of the three treatments work at different skin levels to provide the most perfect transformation in a short time. Vella Shape III improves lymphatic drainage and cellular metabolism. It breaks down and reduces fat deposits while stimulating the formation of collagen which leads to a tight skin. Anti-cellulite mesotherapy provokes elastin formation in the upper and middle layers of the dermis. Anti-cellulite massage helps to contour the body and reduce cellulite overall. The result is immediately visible – a sexier silhouette with beautiful and smooth skin.

* The machine-assisted procedure and mesotherapy are performed by our dermatologists.
** The combination involves three steps within 2 days.

Touch Your Body Package costs 700 BGN (Anti-cellulite program in 2 consecutive days)

• Anti-cellulite mesotherapy – Skin Tech RRS Cellutrix 20 ml (1st day)
• Cellulite Removal Procedure – Vela Shape III (Day 1, Zone 1)
• Anti-cellulite massage 40 min (performed on day 2)